Deon Hua
Software Developer

Hi! I'm Deon. I currently work at Slack as an SRE, but previously studied Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

In the past, I interned at Bloomberg, Yahoo, 500px, and TextNow.

On the side, I really enjoy photography, rock climbing, and playing board games!

Languages/Frameworks/Services I've worked with:

Work Experience


January - April 2018
Software Developer, Systems Infrastructure

I worked on Consul-based service discovery, building out infrastructure and APIs for developers to register and find services.

  • Designed architecture and APIs for universally-reachable HTTP-based service discovery
  • Developed APIs to register Services (e.g. Redis) with service discovery
  • Added support for service discovery without a local daemon, resulting in less maintenance
  • Wrote Terraform and Bash scripts to consistently produce correctly configured infrastructure


May - August 2017
Software Developer, Systems Infrastructure

I worked on containerizing services used at Bloomberg, and making them easy to use for product teams.

  • Created a pipeline to build Docker images from packages when a new version is released
  • Built a service to provide on-demand cloud-hosted containers with services like Kafka
  • Implemented user resource quotas (CPU, RAM), using Kerberos for authentication


September - December 2016
Back-end Developer

I worked mostly on chat-bots at Yahoo, specifically on routing (between bots and chat platforms).

  • Added database caching using Memcached to improve read performance
  • Built phone number verification for user accounts over SMS
  • Developed functionality for customers to message chat-bots from a merchant’s website


January - April 2016
Full Stack Web Developer

I worked on the main 500px site and API, using Ruby on Rails and Backbone/Marionette in Coffeescript. A few things I did there:

  • Optimized the photo page to reduce the number of calls made to an API endpoint by 80%
  • Built several components of the new home feed and onboarding flow to increase user engagement and retention
  • Created new back-end components and APIs for Photos, Comments, and Quests
  • Worked with other teams to improve metrics in the ETL pipeline and Google Analytics

TextNow (formerly Enflick)

May - December 2015
Front-End Web Developer

As a web intern at TextNow, I worked on the TextNow web client, using Angular, Backbone & Marionette, and Node. A few things I did there:

  • Improved JS asset injection, speeding up load times by 25% and reducing file sizes by 40%
  • Built a new landing page and a new payment process for checkout
  • Architected and built a localization switcher
  • Added a Mocha-based automated testing framework

Hackathons I've Organized


TerribleHack is a comedy-centric hackathon held termly at the University of Waterloo, focused on making relatively unconventional, but funny hacks! We're now heading into our 8th iteration.

Tech Retreat

Tech Retreat is a hackathon and learnathon for high school students to learn, collaborate, and create.

On August 15, 2015, we hosted over 150 high school students at the University of Waterloo.



January 2016
A Lita Adapter for the board game Resistance, which allows users to start a Resistance game in their favourite chat client (Slack, IRC, etc.)


May 2015
AngularJS, Parse
A location-based information system for museums and public attractions. GlowStone allows attraction curators to program beacons with contextual information which opens on a companion app when visitors are nearby.


March 2015
AngularJS, Meteor, MongoDB
Roomi is a communication and organizational hub for roommates. It allows them to communicate, post notices, and keep track of shared expenses. Roomi won 2nd Place at EngHack Winter 2015.


November 2014
AngularJS, Flask, Python
MolarFast is a molar mass calculator and temperature converter.